October 19, 2010

FeElInG BlUe!!!!


Mostly refers to sad or depressed.

Phrases. Feeling blue. The blues. Blue also means spending in a reckless way.

There are also some good references… I will shed some light on that later. But mostly, people associate the color blue with sadness.

I tend to disagree. I like blue. I think it's a pretty happy color.

My mom doesn’t approve of all my bed sheets and curtains and towels being blue(4years back, I was obsessed with everything being pink, that didn’t last for more than a year, I am not exactly the girly types ).

No, it's not my favorite color, blue. That’s black and white, and then red. I like colors. All colors. So why do people like my mom don’t like blue linen???

I cant figure that out. My mom says jokingly, it makes her feel blue…

It doesn’t make me feel so though.

The few positive points related to blue are,

Blueprint: something which acts as a plan.

Blue-blooded: noble blood.

blue-chip: reliable investment

Bluestocking: intellectual or literary woman.

Blue ribbon: given to the winner of a competition.

In a place like wardha, where the sun blisters down on us all through the day, my room's window lets in a lot of sunlight, a bit too much at that. i don’t mind sunlight, I love a nice sunny day in winter, but in summer and rainy season, the sun is not your fav thing in the world, nor is sunlight. This is where my blue curtains come in. they block the irritating light and heat nicely enough, letting the light in, only in required amounts. As for my bed sheets and towels being blue, I can give only one possible explanation, they go with the curtains…

then again, does there exist even a single person in this world who didn’t love painting the beautiful azure sky with the blue crayon when they were small? I don’t think so. There is another reason for me liking blue so much these days and it's my mom's own fault.

When it comes to flowers, there is nothing that amuses me and amazes me as blue colored flowers do. My favorite are roses and orchids, pink and white and blue. But they don’t amaze me(except blue orchids), I just love them.

A year back, my mom went to the nursery(she weaves out and into gardening as her hobby), and she asked for a plant that blossoms all through the year and spreads a lot. When in wardha, no amount of greenery feels more than enough. They gave her this creeper, that spreads a lot and blossoms most of the seasons. she brought five of them and placed them in different places, giving support on which they could grow, these creepers don’t grow roots along the stem, to hold onto surfaces. they just have tendrils that they wrap around everything available.

So, after two weeks I think, I was in the garden and I saw this little blue baby flower on the lush green fleshy creeper, and I fell in love with it. It made me so happy to see these few flowers bloom everyday(though they withered and fell in the evening, new ones came up everyday.) soon the creeper started spreading, mom helped it in everyway possible, tying wires everywhere, so that they could cover more space. it was the rainy season, it stopped blooming and spread out a lot, it covered all the tree tops in our garden, it reached the first floor balcony and so on. The rain stopped and it was sunny for a few days.

One morning I got up and saw outta the gallery window, lush green everywhere, wedged in between its fleshy fresh looking green, were tiny spots of blue.

They were so many! I never saw more than ten, I guess and here were a hundred lil blue flowers in front of my eyes, the beauty of it was so breath-taking, I stood rooted to the spot for a few minutes. Then I ran down to mom" mamma, did u see the flowers? Blue everywhere. It's soooo beautiful!!!" I gushed. My mom just seemed smug and proud, she smiled and said, "isn't it?"

I never get tired of taking their pictures. I keep taking them, thinking every time, this one is better than the last.

Now everyday I wake up and see these thousands of little blue beauties in the morning, I feel a happiness brimming inside me, a ray of gold in the gray of night, and I feel how can anyone even think blue means sad???


  1. hey read!

    i like the color blue.
    i have a blue shirt which i wear at home every 2 days....
    and i just luuuuuuuv wearing it...

    and i have seen those blue flowers at ur house..

    while reading this post i felt a SUDDEN sense of happiness at 1 point ,where u tell that how u got up one morning n then discovered the blue bouquet in ur gallery...