October 07, 2010

The story of a journey(poem)

this is a poem i wrote. ok, i didnt write it with my imagination, i had this dream. so i got up n since i hardly ever remember dreams, thought of writing it down... after a few mins i realised i was thinking along writing it down as a poem and that's what i did... wrote a poem..

I was walking along a path,

With lush green trees and wild blooming flowers on the side,

It was all so beautiful,

A place where there was nothing nature denied,

I wished to stop and admire but I had to go on…

I was running, I had to find it,

That’s when I saw a blossom so breath-taking,

A huge light pink playing in the shades, with all the colors you could imagine,

Just to touch it, the buttery texture, the delicate petals, my hands were aching…

I extended my hand forward; I felt it slipping out of reach,

My legs were still moving I saw; I heard myself screech…

With a sinking feeling I realized I had to go on searching,

And my legs won’t stop even if I wanted to,

‘But what is it that I am searching…?’ I wondered,

With dread I realized I didn’t know, still I had to go on that much I knew,

I could hear the gentle twinkling of a near-by brook,

The sweet damp smell of the earth and the forest made it harder for me to want to go on,

It wasn’t good enough though, not wanting to go on, for all I cared my legs were still treading on…

Everything was so mesmerizing, It felt agonizing to even look…

I came to a few bifurcations along the path,

It didn’t really matter which I chose, I knew I was going to end up at the same place…

I kept on walking…the trail ended,

I could see the sun setting along the horizon, a tangerine haze.

That’s when I saw it: a white structure so intimidating, yet so beautiful, so grandiose and grotesque,

There was no way to describe it without being paradoxical,

As I stood there, taking it in, willing myself to believe it was there,

I saw a silhouette on the veranda, against the blushing heavens,

A figure so chiseled, so perfect, I vowed it couldn’t be alive, just as it moved, I could only stare.

As our eyes locked, I knew it was worth it,

Worth missing the scintillating beauty of the forest, the serene rivulet, the exuberant path on which I couldn’t stop.

I was enslaved, I knew.

And I waited, waited for it to be what it should have been, for me to be addicted the way I was dying to be….

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  1. WOW! WoW! WOW!

    such a beautiful dream...

    I never have such beautiful dreams :(