October 03, 2010


After desperately waiting for a chance to watch this movie" AIShA...", i finally did watch it a week back...
now lemme tell you why i was soooo eager to watch  this movie..
because my mom, kumud, etc told me that the character of aisha was like me... so i had to watch it..
this movie is based on the english classic "emma"..
the movie wasnt so good actually.. but it had sonam kapoor, abhay deol, girly stuff, lots of good clothes and places, so, that kind of made up for the stupidity of the movie..
yes and no,.. things my mom pointed out, like she keeps changing her hobbies..
painting(i think she sketched...i sketch ok.. but i am a horrible painter),
match making(i did a lot earlier, now i indulge in this only when i am ASKED for help..),
atc(im a member of pfa, but m v.lazy.. n she thinks about leaving non-veg, but i already did)..
i dont exactly change my hobbies...i just have too many, and choose any one of them for a certain time..
and does she read ..? i dont think so.. whereas i read a LOTT..!!
 alright, and i like this the best..
in the first five minutes of the movie itself .when she is introducing everybody, she has this to say about her elder sister: this is my sister..,n thats her husband... school se leke ab tak ek hi boyfriend and shaadi bhi usi se.... how boring na..?
this is almost exactly what i had said to my sister a few months back... hehehe :)
she jogs n all....
i dont.. n i did run today(an exception) not with some arjun... but with my dad...
she loveesss shopping!!!!!! so do i!!!!
n she thinks she knows what she wants... but doesnt...but i know what i want.. she is also a lil bit blind when it comes to her friends n whom they are bound to end up with.. i am not!!
and yeah maybe i am a bit interfering and manipulative like her, but i am not blind!! i help people only with what people want, but dont have the guts to pursue it..
so hey, the character of aisha may have some traits as me,... BUT, aisha is no rutuja... !!!

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