July 08, 2010

I twisted and turned and knew it was one of those nights when sleep would not come to me easily....no matter how hard i tried to win the battle with insomnia, it could get back to me anytime it wanted....it was 3a.m....i had been reading princess diaries to kill time...i tried sleeping for two more hours..

it was 5.15 a.m....no, i knew for sure sleep would not come to me...i got up...put on my slippers, took sherry and ronnie with me... and got out of the house...it was surprisingly bright for 5.30 a.m.....usually it was around 6 or 6.30 before u could see anything..but this was summer...so i wandered around..sherry running helter-skelter... happy that i was out with her....this was a time i really got into deep thinking...about what wonders the coming years held for me...i was roaming around aimlessly when i looked up and the beautiful gulmohur tree looked down at me....it seemed to be winking at me....yes and why not? that is, if trees could actually wink!!

i thought how old it seemed...it had heard all our conversations from when we were kids...walking home from the stand...when we used to stop near the tree and discuss all that happened it school, when we graduated from bikes to twowheelers it still heard what we talked about...even now it bears witness to all the games kids play around it, standing there tall and wise...and still experiencing the years go by...unbelievingly slow...shivering in cold, dancing in the rains, giving shade in the horrible scorching heat of wardha...so many times...ive seen a stranger or some postman taking refuge in it's shade....

the tree seemed to say"go on..."

"life is waiting to happen for you.."

i tore my eyes away from the tree and moved ahead... a saw another tree bent, without a single leaf on it...i took a picture...dint realise then but beneath the tree was standing a wild pig or boar or whatever it was...it seemed in the picture that the tree was a monster, bending down to eat the little animal at it's feet..

that is when a sweet smelling breeze came up and caressed my face..played with my hair... and a felt a gentle lull and peace and calm.... i felt like sleeping then and there on the ground...but of course, i wouldnt do that...so i rushed home,into my bed...and exhaustion overtook me and i happily went to sleep.... the smell of fresh air and trees and sweet smelling earth fresh in my mind...my head got emptied of all the tensed thoughts and worrying of future and i welcomed the sleep that had finally come to me........

only to be awaken by sis 1 hour later....!!!!

when i had slept again after shouting back at her...i decided i would note this incident down the first thing i got up...even though ther was nothing in it...i wanted to remember it forever!!!