September 28, 2011

NEW.... newbb... nyu... neyu.. noo.. hmmm....

This is for you Anshu aunty:

I am working as a content writer for websites in Pune. I cannot write slang or text language anymore. I am back to your beloved vowels and complete words…, happy now?

Even now while writing, a hundred errors keep popping into my mind. But I am ignoring some. They are a tad bit too much. I hope all my blogs from now on would not irritate you… heehee... :D

The actual blog:

The new job is …OK.

I am getting to write.

Not what I want to, but something is better than nothing.

Starting from here, it might lead me to what I do want to write about.

Life in Pune: if you don’t have your personal vehicle, it’s a crazy time walking everywhere and using the bus. Back home, I hardly ever travelled by auto, leave alone bus. I am missing the luxuries of home like hell. Princess realized she’s not as tough as she thought she was.

But something about this whole affair makes me want to go on, and that is, everyday I think, “this is it. I am going home. Why am I doing this? I don’t need to! No one told me to come here and start living on my own (albeit with the help of dad’s salary).” But it was my decision so I will follow it through. But the fact that probably from next month I won’t have to ask dad for money makes me feel a bit less guilty,not that the folks have any problem. They told me there is no need to work and all. I want to.

So the best thing about this place is we don’t have a formal dress code or anything. Oh no, that is the second best thing. The best thing is the coffee… :) not the way I like. Oh but, this isn’t princess palace. Coffee is coffee…it’s the best pick-me-up I know other than chocolate and love.

I never thought I was spoilt. I knew I could manage in any freaking situation. I didn’t even think I would miss home but I sort of do. I miss getting up late and eating and cooking whatever and whenever I wanted. Even now, I can cook whenever I want but the very sight of the hostel stove and the tiny platform it is kept on, takes away whatever interest left in me after taking the foodstuffs down one floor. I miss college life. It was such a bed of roses. Anyways so that’s it. All these things that I have to complain about, they make me think of quitting. These are the very things that are making me want to go on. I know it’s not a big deal but quitting this and going home is just so easy. The very fact that I have thought of quitting makes me want to go on. It’s high time. I need to learn the ways of life. So I am learning.

Besides, God is with me. :) naah, don’t think why I am suddenly turning all spiritual… just that something happened yesterday that was too much of a coincidence and it happened right after I prayed to God to help me. And there, he sent help, not once or twice, but thrice. :) I just know. Some good people out there are praying for me. Or I am just blessed. Blessed, even though I am a snob, a selfish, self-centered, complaining hypocrite. Still good things keep happening. Hope it continues.

June 25, 2011

More Pretty Little Girls In The Lane!

I hate this damn mood of mine!

"Got up on the wrong side of bed today"…

I had decided of writing a new blog post… after all these no good, time pass days that have come and gone since final yr exams… but no today I had to feel gloomy. Today I had to feel the happy-sad feeling you get for example in holidays… when you remember good times, when you wish for things you aren’t going to get, when everything in your life is just perfect, theoretically, yet in reality you feel there’s something big missing. Blog blog. Hmm I had two things in mind. One was this zodiac related blog. Actually related to my zodiac, to be exact; I guess it’s no secret I love to think, talk and analyze everything about me. Second was about the long procrastinated blog about my besties…

But no, why should small things go my way??

So here I am writing. About what? I don’t know. Definitely not the above two topics I wanted to write about.

It’s raining outside… a slight drizzle… It’s beautiful actually… Sweet… breezy… I’m sitting in the gallery, letting this feeling wash over the one I had been feeling till now… I can see children on their li’l bicycles, cycling around. I’ve always felt children are quite stupid. The stupidity is what allows them to live. Not drag around life like us adults.



Yes I am one now. Very soon I am supposed to make big decisions, start earning, and start being finally on my own. I’ve waited for this moment for years. Being on my own… being independent… and yet, after reaching this place, sometimes I feel, why can’t I get back to being a stupid little girl, who doesn’t have to go through a heart break, who doesn’t have to decide if she wants to go for a job, go for her PG, or get her guts together and go after the dream of joining the armed forces that she’s had a lot many times. One who doesn’t have to worry about her future, or anything for that matter other than how she’s going to explain to mom that she broke the new crockery. One who can make paper boats and leave them in streams. One who damn never ever has to worry about how she’s looking, If her hair’s alright in place. Who can play in the mud all day and get dirty. And doesn’t have to worry about what anyone might think about “getting dirty”! :D hehe.

Childhood was fun. Innocent. Carefree. Beautiful. And yes, stupid! :)

More pretty little girls in the lane. My god this colony is full of shrieking little girls running around in short skirts. It’s raining hard now. I’m getting wet coz of the rains, only one side though. And I’m cold. And there’s water on my phone. And on my lappy!!! Oh no!

Hmm… better now…


It has stopped. Raining. And I’m dropping back into gloom world… Can hear birds chirping… A train in the distance.

Life goes on no matter in what mood you are. Better realize it, get your stuff together and kick that sucky mood right in d back!

Blog on one of the two... Coming right up! :)

More girls cycling on pink colored baby cycles! Holding pink flowers… Taking their kid sisters along with them. Childhood had some responsibilities too. But if you messed them up, mum would scold. Not god. Not fate. I’ve had mine. Now it’s time to suck it up and go be a grown-up. Time to get ready for taking blame/ glory for my actions.

Girl’s rock!

Eh, that dint go there… stupid me! don’t know why I wrote that. :-/ but, Felt good while thinking and writing it. I’ll let it be there. Hehehehe... :D

May 30, 2011

wrote a song...

its a stupid poem cum song. but it has the potential to b very good with some good music.

he was the lover. loving, caring and oh-er

but he was a looser, a big crying looser.

guess what, im sooo over you!

you think he's oh-so-good, oh-so-cute..

always chivalrous and never rude.

you are head-over-heels,

the way ur heart he steals.

thus the storybook romance begins...

you both fall in too deep, in too fast..

you gotta love it all while it lasts..

but guess what, im now sooo over you!

then u see cracks, all seems shaky..

there are so many locks,but yet no key..

u try to do your best..

but it just doesnt rest..

hence starts the downfall...

u start crying more or less..

you wind up in a total mess..

but guess what, im now sooo over you!

yes i am ooohhvvveeeaarrr you..

over, over you....

he cannot hurt you anymore,

you've had too much of him before.

just let him rot in hell..

you've never been so well..

now comes the naaiice part...

youll find your prince,

who will never let you wince...

he's not the one who whines.

u both are so divine..

hence we have the happpyyy ending..

oh but wait, i said, yes, i am over you..

remember, sooo over you..

chewed, spat and walked over you...

dont care what the looser does now.

i've got my one, my hero,

imma get happy-ever-after noowwww...

May 11, 2011

what to do when your dog eats poison?

dog ate poison? what to do:
1. make him vomit. ipecac syrup for inducing vomiting or make him drink saltwater or hydrogen peroxide(for non corrosive, most poisons n rat poison). for corrosive poisoning, give some oil orally, dont induce vomiting. dont give anything to eat as it wont b able to eat fr few hours after this.
2. take him to a vet immediately!!!!
3. do not waste time as the poison acts fast mostly within two hours.and if you have administerd all anecdotes, you have keep him under observation for next two days.
4. identifying what poison your dog has eaten is the most imp thing as this will determine what anecdote is to be given. theres none for rat poison as it contains and this will have to be dealt with making the dog vomit.
5. give activated charcoal tablets for gastric lavage.
6. your dog Might LOOK OKAY but he might be bleeding internally, take him to a vet.
7.give vitamin k but not in extra doses as it will be lethal.
 Start treatment with vitamin K, 5 mg per kg of body weight, twice a day for three weeks or longer.

If later than two hours, but less than 12 hours, give activated charcoal to help prevent absorption of the rat poison.

hope this was useful
love ur pets, take care of them.
if ur dog has eaten poison go n do these things IMMEDIATELY.
if ur just a reader keep reading:
iv wrote this blog cz wen sherry supposedly ate rat poison, me and my family members were scared lyk nethng.. supposedly cz no1 saw her eating it, but the whole ball of poison was missing without even a crumb, usualy a feat impossible for rats & she is used to eating every damn thing she can find.....i searched up everything available on the net that we could do becoz unfortunately the animal hospital we took her too were clueless and they gave her something, an anecdote used for most poisons but it doesnt work on rat poison.. so we did give her salt water. she vomited a bit but cudnt c the poison in it, its a good sign if u c the poisonous substance out in the vomit. then we did everything another famous vet told us on the phone. she was okay. she's a strong doggie. once she ate a lizard, drank a whole bucket of salt water, still didnt puke and was okay still... touchwood.
anyway that was when i decided ill write this blog. it took me a few months to finally write it, but i did.

May 05, 2011

adios.. the farewell blog

gave wats supposedly the final exam of engineering today. it will be the final, if i pass in all the subjects.

i am feeling weirdly happy today and it's not because the exams have's just that i'v got this feeling that something beautiful is in store.

now i'v been meaning to write the farewell blog for a long time, and thought i might as well get it done with.

hmmm.. where shall i start???

of crse with friends...

bt first i wanna say that our cutie junnus gave us an awesome farewell...

1st year.. wasnt really scared or apprehensive about this new college, new people, new teachers. it was the same old place.

my same old friend, pooja.i had a good friend to fall back on if need be.

things took off. made new friends. first set: pranoti, nikita, rucha, sharvari. we4 had a blast in D section. niki n prana

were the most fun-loving and helpful people i'd met so far. next came rucha and sharvari. my practical partners(literally not figuratively.

our roll nos were together so we ended up sharing the practical table). now all of us

have a special liking for our practical partners... we have the most fun with them. we never did a single practical. kept playing with the

prism,gossiping about every thing possible and writing our names on the table... pooja was my best buddy all the year through.. we

had so much fun going to the tution at 5.30 a.m. in frezzing weather wering two three sweaters, scarves and gloves, singing songs..

poo and i did have some ups n downs in our freindship , but all of it was cherished..

in first year, we'd done a couple dance. that's when apurw, natish, anirudh became gud friends of mine.. apurw, my brother/ friend

who incidentally was in the same branch as me, iv fought with him, iv teased him.i've laughed with him. had fun tym..

will never forget his awesome personality and charisma with which he wins people.. natish.. wat 2say.. hehe.. the coolest guy,

never to be seen in any sort of tension... so many controversies related to us.. but we got over it all..

anirudh.. tere bare me kuch accha ni likhungi.. kabi help nai karta..:P jaa..but ur fun to b with nevertheless..

i also did ramp in quantum.. how can i forget my ramp friends...? rishi, noreen, shivani, asmita, ankita mitkari, etc... new friends.. loved them..

went on to have an awesome time and an amazing friendship with asmita(mark! wait fr it..).. and loads of ramp walks with superodels

rishi n noreen.. noreen.. love this gal.. tall slim gr8 attitude.. helping n rilly sweet.. too bad she's oms in hostel so.. never cud invite her over

fr sleepover on girls nyt out ;) .. bt nor ul b here nw.. :)

ppl abt whom i'd heard or who were my friends in 11-12th.. damru, nupur, bobde.. altho abhijeet bobde met with a bad accident 1nce while we were

returning from practice.. n things wernt so fun nemore.. :( but he was well enuf to attend quantum n c the ramp he'd organized.. :)

nups, knew u in final yr really.. gr8 leader.. next two yrs we r together.. hyd me jitni novels hai sab padh dalenge...

damru ... ur the best yaar.. apni tomboy! wens the next nytout, eh?

bobde.. tu accha tha. accha hi rehna yaar..
had loads of fun then..

hmmm... 2nd year..
seniors!... bopu mam ... loved her attitude.. had a gr8 final yr batch.. abhay bhaiyya, shweta di.. raizada mam.. rilli active ppl.. sutraj sir(helpd n guided thru so many thngs!! placements &projects..:) )

3rd yr batch, that's our immediate seniors.. found them a bit reserved or may b full of attitude(some of them only!!).. bt didnt have much rapport with them..

altho sm of them were rilli nice.. bopu mam, nivi mam..mrunmai sir..pooja mam(got to know her wen we were in 3rd yr)

then came my paaagal batch mates of extc!!

vangi(salma behen[cz she's in love wit atif aslam, we call her salma, atif's sister. name courtesy:patinge tai])- total psycho(these days i call er my long-lost crazy sis)

shraddha patinge(shabnam behen/ fulan devi)- awesomy lissomy lass :) ths gal z so much fun to b with... altho we did run into a few miniscule arguments, it was all well at the end.. had so much fun with u in colors-10 and wheelspin-11... madness.. :D
shraddha gawande(basanti)- intellingent.topper. rather sweet, haughty, helping, sincere(mostly.. yes! she's had a few personal bunk n masti sessions too).like her.
ruchika- badbad badbad badbad badabad... chatterbox.. never stops. kabhi kabhi awesome jokes marti hai.. n smtyms.. rili paanchat.
ria(mata, aap mahan ho)- actually paagal. she's mad. and bold. she will always b surprising u, u can never tell wat she'll b doin next. also u have to avoid being hit by her, standing close to her.. if she hits u, it hurts.. she 1nce slaaped my arm, my whole hand kept paining fr 1 day..
these were my practical mates(again nt figuratively.. partners while performng practicals)and as i'v said.. shraddha2, vangi were my special sweeties.. had dunia bhar ki gossips, fun, chaapo-topo with them.. will miss all of it.. :(

1pe 1 free:
minakshi- ria/vangi's saathidaar:.. silent. she does masti but only with her frnds.. these days we call her naagin.. :P
neha.dolas- shraddha gawande's saathidaar: shy. sweet. toppers league.jitni sidhi dikhti hai utni hai nahi.. :P
wadaskar- manisha.w.(madonna)- patinge's mate- (mani mani mani.. show me the money! ;) ) i hated her at first. weird girl. weird behaviour. seriously weird expressions..but then she became manisha sharma's roomate. dint like her even more. then slowly got to know her.. rilli sweet at tyms.. always helping.. frank.. n has rilli cute dimples but hates being called cute(bolo bhala!) dances really really sexily.. n really well..

joint package:

dristi,pooja: i love drishti. i really do. i fell in love with her humour during tour. she makes me laugh harder than ne1.. rilli rilli funnnn to b with.. my teddy bear..those ppl who dont know her well, r unfortunate.. im lucky 2have a frnd lyk her..she's also intelligent
pooja- sweet, shy, simple, intelligent, smart, taarif karu kitni..

apoorva, neha.g.- apurva(apoo) iz the sweetest human being on planet earth.. helping . loving. caring. she's jst sweeet. thats wat pops into my mind when i see her.
neha(anarkali)- lil bit crazy, lil bit funny.. lil bit masti....super duper awesome dancer, be it bharatnatyam,kathak, hiphop or bollywood. this grls rocks on d dance floor.

kattu- turi- kittykat- she's again mad. innocent lil daisy.. i sat 1nce with her during class n she kept laughing n kept making me laugh the whole tym.. even wen sir was staring at us. no wonder thakre sir threw her out f class 1nce..

isha(issaa)- kitni re pyari tu. shy sweet... v.v. cute. n smtyms does mast mashti.. lemme recall todays incident at bapu kuti.. asmi was all serious.. tellng isha hw she wants to gv the gre.. n hw her parents want her to do job, n hw she's never listened to them, n now she wants to. thats wen our cute lil isha says,
aey tune baal kyu khole, teko garmi ni horai??..made us all laugh like maniacs..

minal(singer/ wardha ki singing idol)- topper. always in tension. mostly sincere.. dragged dwn into the list of hopeless students attyms by her true friends.. :) hey,thats wat engg is all about..

graduating frm sincerity to hopelessness... :D

kon bacha? hm, pragati pranita.. sersly, zada kuch interaction hi ni tha.. thikthak.. they dnt even match their ans wit me after the paper.. they only look n talk if they wanna have the ans to ne ques... thats quite mean actually.. bt most ppl r like that.. so watever.. yes pranita pragati, i still like u both..

abhilasha, deepali mam: hmmnn hnnmmm.. :)
swapnaja: plz talk to ppl.. pls socialize!!!

mona mam!! the added m of our mark.. (mmark)- beautiful dancer, classical as well as rest. mishti mishti..awesssssssommmmeee singer.. her voice z lyk honey. tomar kokiler moto awaz.. shes already won a lot of awards fr dance n singing.. i personally feel she can win indian idol as well..

now comes my MARK... m-manisha, a-asmita k-kumud.. pata hai kya.. iv already written a lot meko jaan ppe ara... ill write a whole new post jst fr u guys.. :).. bt later..

departments except extc:
archu , tandra, pillu(goswami),zunzun,anky ..

minakshi das, ankita bhardwaj: two crazzies.. had fun wit u wenevr i was wit u..

archu ur cool.. pagal.. and a grl who loves to have fun n talk n entrtain ppl wit that talk.. wenevr i wana go crazy expect me at u n asmi's... :D
tanu... had seen u wit nabo di.. then rucha.. finally got to know u myself in wheelspin.. zada tym mila ni.. bt ur gr8 to work wit.. ur sweet smile n sweet talk wins over evry1.. tumi khub mishti r tomar khub dhorjo dhorar khomota ache.. :) jst love her..

mrunal, roma, prajakta, pragati.t., pampam,aastha,somrita,ankita roy, comp frnds,it frnds : had some good tyms.... :) ...

ankita mitkari: im ur fan!

pillu.. u'v got the sexiest eyes iv ever seen.. light coloured with lots of kajal.. no wonder all the boys r crazy ... masht girl.. very cute n sweet.. live barbie doll..
zunzun(apoo).. pagali.. :) 1of the most feminist ppl iv met... places where women r still cnsiderd lowlives, shud hav leaders like u.. :)

guys i havent forgotten u..

amar.. i think tu 1of the gud guys f our class hai.. also ncc backgrnd.. :) sweet guy. smtyms veeery funny. love ur red avenger!

bhagat.. chal jaa re pagal(akash chai chahiye.. pls... mangwaa..(wheelspin)).. :D u smtyms go mad, nai to tu b accha hai..

dhiraj jha.. bhai tum gr8 ho.. ullu bhi accha bana lete ho.. ;)

dhiraj gawali..(kara kara sinkara).. famous hai tu.. dark hua to kya, i think u luk smart! :) remo d'souza jaise dikhta hai..

mayur.. baccha hai tu.. boht bada paagal b hai.. kahbi lagta hai boht sidha hai.. kabhi lagta hmmm... my project partner enjoyd masti n talkative( :P ) wid u n preet n ku..

pratik mote: pratik mote, tu mota kyu ni hai??? aaj pratik mote ka birthday hai kya?? :P thiz guy is one of the craziest guys... and has an awesm personality! super singer/ guitarist

baba amte: baba tu mast hai. paagal harshad.. tour me u were the funniest.. boht boht hasata.. bas chidchid kam kar.. & plays keyboard mast..

shrikant: sadha porga.. nai tevdha pan sadha nahi ahes.. sweet, gud leader.. bt uv stll gt to learn how to win over ppl.. potential boht hai boss..keep it up...

guddu bhai: tu bas has..

avnish bhaiyya: :) tour me aap mahan the.. neway.. yaad hai hum sab sath me tulzapur gaye the shayd jb we had to pay to get shortcut darshan cz we were gettng late n hame jaldi bulaya tha thakre sirne.. toh u had refused to get the darshan in that way.. hd really liked and admired that.. :)

amol: tu bhi ek cartoon peice hai.. paagal. funny guy.. tho.. n a grrrrr8888 awesome writer of marathi lang...

vimal: shy. silent. deep. very high level complicated english user. :)
gaurav karn: kya dance karte ho....!!! :))

tejas: on th drums on our departmental band..
thanx fr lettng me play stupidly on the drum whil u ppl practiced. :)

kya kahu ill miss u all mere ek se ek khaas namuno..
preet, pknbr(my part-roomies), mark(my gang) n srivastav saab mayb, (i.e. my best friends)will get a special blogpost all for themselves! :) abi im too tired to write abt u item pieces..

my juniors!
i wont forget u! uv all been there too...

pallavi.. meri pyaari junior.. mam mam karti rehti hai.. 1nce she said 2me.. mam, ur my idol! i was surprisd.. yaar tum mere jaise idol rakoge toh hogaya tumhara kalyan!

devdatta.. agn 1of my fav.. into the doin common bhala 4all..cute sweet guy.... im a fan of his n his classmates dance the 1, pyaar hame kis mod pe leaya with white gloves! ;) he looks lyk a kiddo wen he smiles :)

yaman.. oh this hep dude here is so arrogant!hes full of attitude and thats wat i love abt him! :) awesssome dancer..(teach me those headstands, will ya?) naah but he tries to b polite 2me at tyms(practice makes perfect yaman..)..thats wen u seem rilli nice to me... :)

ujwal: cutest emo n cutest junior :)

anurag: wheelspin me hamara kaamwala.. boht kaam kiye beta tune.. also he wrote keep blogging on my message scarf(m.s.).. here i am.. heard ur a gud chess player.

parikshit: u wrote a lot of surprising things.. buh its ok.. :) he's got a really funny smile cz wen he smiles, u smile automatically wit him.. :) agn gud dancer.. cute guy..

himani , ankita, devyani: trimurti: jitne active ho utna accha hai... aur raho..

ankur gupta: the earlier statement wasnt approved by this person :P so, ill say ur very chivalrous n quite a charmer.. and a good junior, anchor also  :D

so all of these r my active juniors.. also shreyas, neha 2, paresh, nabanita(u got gr8 potential girl.. awesome personality kp rocking), pallavi.g.,shraddha's roomie(cnt remembr the name)..
r ppl worth mentioning.. dekho mere pyaaare juniors, extc ka naam roshan karo.. jis level pe hai, wo maintain karo.. ya aur upar lejao..
keep rockin extc! give the mechies n comps n etrxs a complex.. :D
jaise we ppl were best in placements, studies , extrcurr, cultural(nt xageratng,merely statng the facts), xpecting the same frm u..

finally, its been a gr8 journey..but it's come to an end.. n if iv forgotten u or to write sumthng abt u, thn sorry,.. but that does NOT mean ur not jst as special.. it jst means iv got a bad memory..

n do inform me if iv forgtn u, its nt2hard 2make changes2 this.. ;)