May 11, 2011

what to do when your dog eats poison?

dog ate poison? what to do:
1. make him vomit. ipecac syrup for inducing vomiting or make him drink saltwater or hydrogen peroxide(for non corrosive, most poisons n rat poison). for corrosive poisoning, give some oil orally, dont induce vomiting. dont give anything to eat as it wont b able to eat fr few hours after this.
2. take him to a vet immediately!!!!
3. do not waste time as the poison acts fast mostly within two hours.and if you have administerd all anecdotes, you have keep him under observation for next two days.
4. identifying what poison your dog has eaten is the most imp thing as this will determine what anecdote is to be given. theres none for rat poison as it contains and this will have to be dealt with making the dog vomit.
5. give activated charcoal tablets for gastric lavage.
6. your dog Might LOOK OKAY but he might be bleeding internally, take him to a vet.
7.give vitamin k but not in extra doses as it will be lethal.
 Start treatment with vitamin K, 5 mg per kg of body weight, twice a day for three weeks or longer.

If later than two hours, but less than 12 hours, give activated charcoal to help prevent absorption of the rat poison.

hope this was useful
love ur pets, take care of them.
if ur dog has eaten poison go n do these things IMMEDIATELY.
if ur just a reader keep reading:
iv wrote this blog cz wen sherry supposedly ate rat poison, me and my family members were scared lyk nethng.. supposedly cz no1 saw her eating it, but the whole ball of poison was missing without even a crumb, usualy a feat impossible for rats & she is used to eating every damn thing she can find.....i searched up everything available on the net that we could do becoz unfortunately the animal hospital we took her too were clueless and they gave her something, an anecdote used for most poisons but it doesnt work on rat poison.. so we did give her salt water. she vomited a bit but cudnt c the poison in it, its a good sign if u c the poisonous substance out in the vomit. then we did everything another famous vet told us on the phone. she was okay. she's a strong doggie. once she ate a lizard, drank a whole bucket of salt water, still didnt puke and was okay still... touchwood.
anyway that was when i decided ill write this blog. it took me a few months to finally write it, but i did.

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