May 30, 2011

wrote a song...

its a stupid poem cum song. but it has the potential to b very good with some good music.

he was the lover. loving, caring and oh-er

but he was a looser, a big crying looser.

guess what, im sooo over you!

you think he's oh-so-good, oh-so-cute..

always chivalrous and never rude.

you are head-over-heels,

the way ur heart he steals.

thus the storybook romance begins...

you both fall in too deep, in too fast..

you gotta love it all while it lasts..

but guess what, im now sooo over you!

then u see cracks, all seems shaky..

there are so many locks,but yet no key..

u try to do your best..

but it just doesnt rest..

hence starts the downfall...

u start crying more or less..

you wind up in a total mess..

but guess what, im now sooo over you!

yes i am ooohhvvveeeaarrr you..

over, over you....

he cannot hurt you anymore,

you've had too much of him before.

just let him rot in hell..

you've never been so well..

now comes the naaiice part...

youll find your prince,

who will never let you wince...

he's not the one who whines.

u both are so divine..

hence we have the happpyyy ending..

oh but wait, i said, yes, i am over you..

remember, sooo over you..

chewed, spat and walked over you...

dont care what the looser does now.

i've got my one, my hero,

imma get happy-ever-after noowwww...


  1. so y did it all began when it was to end?
    and now that u have again found ur prince,
    won' it too end soon?
    and if u claim it to be true love.....
    then wat was it the first time?
    if it was a mistake the first time,
    couldn't it be a mistake the second time?

    just inquisitive :) :(

  2. it began so that they both could have a good time,it was to teach her a lesson..teach them both a lesson.. who said it might not be a mistake this might..but she has learnt how to figure out a spineless soul.. atleaaast this time she isnt wrong about might end..but happily may be..we always lie in hope.