June 25, 2011

More Pretty Little Girls In The Lane!

I hate this damn mood of mine!

"Got up on the wrong side of bed today"…

I had decided of writing a new blog post… after all these no good, time pass days that have come and gone since final yr exams… but no today I had to feel gloomy. Today I had to feel the happy-sad feeling you get for example in holidays… when you remember good times, when you wish for things you aren’t going to get, when everything in your life is just perfect, theoretically, yet in reality you feel there’s something big missing. Blog blog. Hmm I had two things in mind. One was this zodiac related blog. Actually related to my zodiac, to be exact; I guess it’s no secret I love to think, talk and analyze everything about me. Second was about the long procrastinated blog about my besties…

But no, why should small things go my way??

So here I am writing. About what? I don’t know. Definitely not the above two topics I wanted to write about.

It’s raining outside… a slight drizzle… It’s beautiful actually… Sweet… breezy… I’m sitting in the gallery, letting this feeling wash over the one I had been feeling till now… I can see children on their li’l bicycles, cycling around. I’ve always felt children are quite stupid. The stupidity is what allows them to live. Not drag around life like us adults.



Yes I am one now. Very soon I am supposed to make big decisions, start earning, and start being finally on my own. I’ve waited for this moment for years. Being on my own… being independent… and yet, after reaching this place, sometimes I feel, why can’t I get back to being a stupid little girl, who doesn’t have to go through a heart break, who doesn’t have to decide if she wants to go for a job, go for her PG, or get her guts together and go after the dream of joining the armed forces that she’s had a lot many times. One who doesn’t have to worry about her future, or anything for that matter other than how she’s going to explain to mom that she broke the new crockery. One who can make paper boats and leave them in streams. One who damn never ever has to worry about how she’s looking, If her hair’s alright in place. Who can play in the mud all day and get dirty. And doesn’t have to worry about what anyone might think about “getting dirty”! :D hehe.

Childhood was fun. Innocent. Carefree. Beautiful. And yes, stupid! :)

More pretty little girls in the lane. My god this colony is full of shrieking little girls running around in short skirts. It’s raining hard now. I’m getting wet coz of the rains, only one side though. And I’m cold. And there’s water on my phone. And on my lappy!!! Oh no!

Hmm… better now…


It has stopped. Raining. And I’m dropping back into gloom world… Can hear birds chirping… A train in the distance.

Life goes on no matter in what mood you are. Better realize it, get your stuff together and kick that sucky mood right in d back!

Blog on one of the two... Coming right up! :)

More girls cycling on pink colored baby cycles! Holding pink flowers… Taking their kid sisters along with them. Childhood had some responsibilities too. But if you messed them up, mum would scold. Not god. Not fate. I’ve had mine. Now it’s time to suck it up and go be a grown-up. Time to get ready for taking blame/ glory for my actions.

Girl’s rock!

Eh, that dint go there… stupid me! don’t know why I wrote that. :-/ but, Felt good while thinking and writing it. I’ll let it be there. Hehehehe... :D