September 28, 2011

NEW.... newbb... nyu... neyu.. noo.. hmmm....

This is for you Anshu aunty:

I am working as a content writer for websites in Pune. I cannot write slang or text language anymore. I am back to your beloved vowels and complete words…, happy now?

Even now while writing, a hundred errors keep popping into my mind. But I am ignoring some. They are a tad bit too much. I hope all my blogs from now on would not irritate you… heehee... :D

The actual blog:

The new job is …OK.

I am getting to write.

Not what I want to, but something is better than nothing.

Starting from here, it might lead me to what I do want to write about.

Life in Pune: if you don’t have your personal vehicle, it’s a crazy time walking everywhere and using the bus. Back home, I hardly ever travelled by auto, leave alone bus. I am missing the luxuries of home like hell. Princess realized she’s not as tough as she thought she was.

But something about this whole affair makes me want to go on, and that is, everyday I think, “this is it. I am going home. Why am I doing this? I don’t need to! No one told me to come here and start living on my own (albeit with the help of dad’s salary).” But it was my decision so I will follow it through. But the fact that probably from next month I won’t have to ask dad for money makes me feel a bit less guilty,not that the folks have any problem. They told me there is no need to work and all. I want to.

So the best thing about this place is we don’t have a formal dress code or anything. Oh no, that is the second best thing. The best thing is the coffee… :) not the way I like. Oh but, this isn’t princess palace. Coffee is coffee…it’s the best pick-me-up I know other than chocolate and love.

I never thought I was spoilt. I knew I could manage in any freaking situation. I didn’t even think I would miss home but I sort of do. I miss getting up late and eating and cooking whatever and whenever I wanted. Even now, I can cook whenever I want but the very sight of the hostel stove and the tiny platform it is kept on, takes away whatever interest left in me after taking the foodstuffs down one floor. I miss college life. It was such a bed of roses. Anyways so that’s it. All these things that I have to complain about, they make me think of quitting. These are the very things that are making me want to go on. I know it’s not a big deal but quitting this and going home is just so easy. The very fact that I have thought of quitting makes me want to go on. It’s high time. I need to learn the ways of life. So I am learning.

Besides, God is with me. :) naah, don’t think why I am suddenly turning all spiritual… just that something happened yesterday that was too much of a coincidence and it happened right after I prayed to God to help me. And there, he sent help, not once or twice, but thrice. :) I just know. Some good people out there are praying for me. Or I am just blessed. Blessed, even though I am a snob, a selfish, self-centered, complaining hypocrite. Still good things keep happening. Hope it continues.


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  2. YOu said it "I am just blessed.".... with simple language and ability to express the simple things in beautiful manner... Keep writing :)

    Jinu Jayadevan