October 01, 2010

rutz: predictable or not???

i know... these days i am writing a bit too frequently..(reason: exam dates coming closer...)
and i know my friend A has specially asked to correct my mistake , the fact that i thought she was with or was talking to her prince charming the day i needed all3 of them... welll, the truth was she wasnt well.. and i dint know that when i wrote that particular post.. so there you go asss, i m accepting the fact that u didnt leave in times of need, but u were not well yourself..!


 so anyway,  i was wondering how one day, i like a particular thing a LOTT and hate something else SOO MUCHH.. and a few months, and im changing their groups...
for example, a few years back, i had an unbelievable repulsion for anything shiny, sparkly or flashy. be it a stud on the footwear, a sparly shimmery dress, even a button which had a little bit of sparkle or metal, i hated it all, i called everything falling into this category as "cheap" and "L.S."
so then i dunno, one day mom and i went to shop for some footwear for me, and she was specifically pointing out to the guy who takes out the shoes; all things, not shiny, not sparkly.. as she had been doing for the last few years.. and she asked me if i liked something,
and i was like this is ok, good for everyday wear, that is too ugly,
 finally i spotted a pair of heels-yes, SHINY, yes- SPARKLY. and it was COPPER coloured.. and my mom was like laughing in amusement, thinking, i was pointing out that pair as a joke, and she went, AS IF U WOULD EVER WEAR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!
 i told her i wanted it for real.. so she looked confused and said. but you hate sparkle and shimmer. i said yes, but mostly i find myself going to functions like weddings and college functions( not that i attend much weddings.but my cousin's wedding was coming up..) and i find myself looking plain. i didnt mind at first, when people used to ask why have u turned up so simple?? i never mind, coz i dont give a damn.. but sometimes i feel so myself... that a little bit sparkle wouldnt hurt.
when we went up to the counter to pay,she asked once again are you really buying that, or will you come to change it tomorrow...? i gave her an incredulous look. after coming home my mom told my sister, my gran , the neighbours and everyone else she found.. !!

Then i have been a vegetarian almost all my life( except wen i used to eat fried chicken for some 3years) and for the last seven years i have been a pure vegetarian..( except twice when my sister's and my snacks got exchanged by mistake and i had to puke it out..)
so the other day, u know after i had that big issue which made me feel all devastated, mom had made some really good fried fish...i know it was good because i ate it...for the first time in years!!and not just a lil morsel, two big peices of fish..!! even when i was a non vegetarian, i never used to like fish...never ate it.. and here i was liking fish!!
so i thought i was now eating non veg in protest of my life being unfair. therefore i told dad to bring chicken tikka the next day( this being the very dish which made it so hard for me to leave eating chicken) and he brought, and i ate and it was........YYUUKKK!!!
i dunno i could taste that yukky juice that came out of fish, chicken, anything non-veg
and i knew at that very second, i cant start eating non-veg...
not even in protest of my unfair life..
still, i ate non-veg twice....
willingly, not force fed by my mom or dad or neha( granny is a vegetarian and supports my being a vegetarian too)... anyway, it could be considered a deviation from the expected, from the obvious right...??...
so am i predictable or not??
i mean evertime i text my friends when i lose things, "i lost my notebook" or cellphone or pendrive and find it after a few minutes or hours or days and text them that "i have found it,and not to bother searching", thats when they text back saying,"i knew it, i never bothered, thought u must have been careless as usual and u will graduly find it..ur so predictable"

and when i enter the kitchen and something falls, everyone thinks i made it fall...(mostly its the truth)
or when a certain appliance stops working(including camera, lappy, microwave anything for that matter), they dont even say it, they know its because of me...
they go like...why did u have to ruin this??(painful face)
or how could u ruin THIS, wat did u do??(unbelieving face)
and they BELIEVE it more than anything, no matter how hard i try to convince them otherwise...

so yea, other than being clumsy and careless.. i am not really predictable, am i?
i mean i do deviate from the obvious like i said..
or am i not??
or am i???