November 01, 2010

DiWaLi....!!!!!!!!!! the festival of lights or wat????

the indian so-called festival of lights is here. people will be lighting candles n diyas, performing the laxmi puja, bursting crackers, the works..
i decided to write this to my blog coz even though people mostly follow the anti pollution campaign superficially or not at all when it comes to diwali.. maybe after reading this, even if one person decides to go along with, ill b happy.
lighting lamps and the puja are the parts of diwali i like.
but lighting up crackers. i hate it. not because i am afraid, i used to light all those kinds f laxmi bomb n sutli bomb n what not when i was in 10th. it was after i turned 16, that i made a lot of serious changes in my life. one of them was not bursting crackers on diwali or any other day. i was in the anti-pollution campaign.
i dont get it. what kind of satisfaction can people get by lighting these crackers that emit so much smoke.. make your throat itchy and everything...
people give this excuse..."awww it's just once a year..."
but in that one day, the amount of obnoxious gas that's emmitted all over india is unbelievable.
i am pleading to each and everyperson who reads this, please please stop using crackers on diwali.
if ur so hell-bent on using them please buy the eco-friendly ones available.
today i read an article in THE HITVADA, about the kids who are made to work in these factories that manufacturescrakers.
it's pathetic!!
i dont have words to express.. why would people use something which results in chid labor, air pollution and which does no good to anyone!!!
so please! make a promise to yourself. do not use crackers, make this world a little bit better than it would be. your effort counts. it night be a millionth of what's necessary, but it counts. EVERY SINGLE EFFORT COUNTS. please do this. and convince whoever you can do the same. you can go back to sleep feeling a bit lighter. ur a good human being. thank you!!

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