November 26, 2010


winter is here!!!
late though.
hmmmm... it's been so long that iv written....
exams you see. not that i have been studying too much, but nevertheless exams are exams..
iv been waiting and waiting for winter. i'm going banglore in a few days!!! yay!!
and there are two things to dampen my spirits, first is that my back paper's result hasnt yet been declared so the companies which will be arriving soon, wont be able to interview me,..!! :P i mean, i wont b eligible. and secondly there was this apti exam.. but thankfully it got cleared out, so i can go.. i have been reading jane austen: persuasion n dan brown: lost symbol..
jane austen is her usual self.
but lost symbol kinda let me down. i mean, ofcrse it was full of info as can be expectd frm dan... but it dint have that pace as his other books..and it was kind of predictable..
now, im trying to regularly go jogging n all..for ssb. and i have to start doing apti..m just feeling that the holidays just started n we already have to start studyng n college is starting frm 13th dec... so soon.. :( but it is final year. no time to enjoy...
on the day of our last exam, me n asmi n mani celebrated kum's birthday. it was a lot of fun.. could have been more fun but, something silly happened n mani lost her mood n slept early so the rest of us just watched a movie.
we got kum a pair of really cute pumps.
and now the next post will probably be after the banglore trip n wit pics of kums birthday... havnt yet tranferrd them frm d cam.. i can be a bit too lazy at tyms.. :)
i dunno during exams i had this constant urge to write.. in my diary or in d blog. and now, nothing. absolutely nothing.
i just wanna lie around watch t.v. not use my brain, etc...
anyway ill have to get out of this soon enough. so happy winter..mmm....
im ready to love the sun. let it soak through my skin.... i really really like loving the sun. this is precisely why winter is my favourite season. it lets me love everything about it. the cold. the sun. the wintry breeze. everything. coz then everything is perfect. and then i feel perfect. and then i AM perfect...!
does that make sense??? probably not.  k.. gotta start packing now.ciao!!