April 23, 2011

i smell something fishy.........!!

i wonder why i can smell everything! i tell u, my nasal power(sounds so weird) z v.strong... haha... u wanna bet?>
1. can u smell spider n cobwebs?? i can...
i can also sniff out the air n tell wats cooking next door...its 98 pcnt right... i can tell the ingredients not the dish..
i can even identify the smell of booger if sm1 near me has caught cold...(yukky right?)
well i never said having a strong smelling power is a very good thing...
altho i am always the first to tell mom if there's an lpg gas leakage goin on.. or if there's a dead rat somewhere... turns out there are more of not-so-good smells than nice one's...
altho i smell leaves.. the freshy smells.. n the sort of yukky leafy smells... i can smell the air that blows just before rain.. and i feel that 40% of the enjoyment that comes from food is from it's aroma... :) i can only identify the fragrance of a few flowers specifically.. but ill improve if i smell em more..
actually i think every1 can smell all these.. they just cant identify them....
altho i've never met anyone who can smell spiders n cobwebs...
it's not a good smell, believe me..
i wonder why my smelling power z so strong.. y am i the only 1 who can smell spiders??
maybe coz i spend a lot of time with my dog, her qualities r rubbing off on me... hehehe... or maybe coz iv got a phobia of spiders... (im not some1 who gets scared of insects.. i can very well pick up crickets n bugs n throw them on my sis just for the laughs... its just spiders i dont  like.. coz theyve got lyk 8 legs.. n hairy legs n they crawl.. n wen u luk at them u can feel them crawling on ur skin n wat if they crawl into ur mouth or nose while sleeping.........??????????? araaaaarrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
so i just dont lyk spiders so my senses have bcum stronger so that i can protect myself.. i think.. but dont lyk lizards too..they're dirty.. altho the other day i saw a baby lizard trying to eat a piece of paper,thinking its a bug.. i cudnt help myself frm finding it cute... :) anyhow it will grow up n b a dirty lizard.... eeuuww.... thats it and and caterpillars n earthworms.. in hindi all sorts of illis... yuk they're slimy... n sluggy.. n euuww.. thats it the list ends... other than these there arent much creatures i hate.. not even cockroaches... ) then y is it that i smell spiders only???????

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