April 15, 2011

another poem.. for it rained in april!!!! in india!!! 5th time in a month.. rain!

i opened the window n put my face outside..

i can smell the wet earth n see the pitch black night..

light from my window shines on the freshly watered leaves...

in every drop infront, i can see a reflection of me..

i hear every drop falling on every surface;

with precision, perfection n the sweetest grace..

in the frightful heat of summer, i discovered the magic night of rain..

and i want to experience it again and again...


some1 asked me to describe th weather... i  first said v hav our exam so may b some other tym... today my poetic side is scared of not studyng n failing.. so its keeping a bit low.. then i opened my window.. and words came... i smelled the air.. the words arranged themselves.. i wrote this in my phone n sent it to my friends... :)

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