January 04, 2011

greetings loved ones!!!!!!!!!

aahh... new year!!!
hmmm.. i'm kind of getting a positive feeling for this year work-wise. and everything is bon at home front.!!! i donno much about the third front. that seems mauvais. wardha is vair vair froid right now.. but i'm liking it. coz i'm bound to like it. coz it's winter. i have tried each and everyday to go jogging. most days i forget iv to go, other days i remember but feel to lazy. so iv never been.
27th dec was a horrendous day for me.full of big time blunders!! it started with a stupid phone call.the day that is. i went to college and locked my key inside the dicky of my scooty!!! and i'd lost the spare. got a lift home and found it in neha's room eventually, the spare. got back, got some bad news and bad behaviour on the phone again.went home and from the tnp directory sent a placement party message to few of the ppl wit whom i wasnt in contact. turned out all the nos. in the directory were wrong.so ended up sending sorry message and eating harsh words from those who were very angry abt the fact that they had wrongly received a party invitew.. i wonder why?????
anyway, finally i slept and it was alll well and good the next day.
any way, bonne annee my chers and cheres... au revoir!!! or bonne nuit! or bonjour, whichever is auitable for the time you read this.

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