January 07, 2011

book review(series i read in december)

i dont feel like writing my thoughts just now. i'm too much inside my mind right now to get out. so i'm writing a book review.

1)the confessions of georgia nicolson series 1 to9:
crazy.crazy, totally crazy!
sometimes it's sooo funny, it's 4a.m. and u have to stifle your laugh to save yourself from earning the title of a lunatic by your neighbours.(although i'm quite sure i mustv already earned that! but we always live in hope..!)
so fun in short.
2)sisterhood of the travelling pants series:
4books. 4friends.1 pant.friendship.travels. love. emotions. i think boys shouldnt read this as they wont be able to read this completely. it's a bit serious.funny. everything. really really nice.
i even thot up how some of our characteristics match wit those girls. bea is me(careless,loving everything, the biggest diff is im not athletic at all.).tibby is asmi(rebel), kum is lena(shy n beautiful), manisha is carmen(the one who cares the most about sticking together.)mmmm... i reeaally liked these series.
3)marykate and ashley olsen:
obviously havent read the whole series. read some 5 or 6 from diff series. these series are quite good fun, for girls, most series result in u feeling as if ur hanging at the end of a rope. harry potter and marykate ashley olsen's are the only book series that kind of make you satisfied with the end. like it has a really complete end in one book itself. i like such books.not those which keep you waiting.
4)my sister the vampire: only read two of these. quite nice fun. n really light light reads.
5) the mediator: okay i read these way back, but as the december book review kind of seems like a series book review, ill add these as well. i loved them.!!
im still inlove with him.the ghost character.wat was his name? sunthng frm j.. lemme check..... hmm, jesse!
sooooooooo, now m reading p.g.wodehouse. iv had a little bit too much of series. next m gonna start the left over three books of jane austen. :) happy reading...
on the brain/mind front, im toooo much occupied these days. college's national level fest. preaprations, other workshoiops, classes(!!!! havent really attended a single one!!!), other things, results tension, training after sixth months: tension, indian army ssb: tension. huh....mmm...nnmmmnn.... bye! ciao!

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