December 12, 2010


gone over the edge? lost it?? who, me? u think?? no way!!!!
all the way!!!
i mean what IS goiin on?? first, i get placed out of the blue..!..and now this..!!! not that im complaining.. :) :) :) :)
cant tell u tho...its top secret... ssshhhhh... :) m just happy... i'll be a bit more happy if Az n Ku get placed soon too. also AD... u dont know who AD is, right...??? dont even try to guess cz u wont succeed... no, ur not even close.. these r not initials btw..
so ur thinkng why have i gone all secrety suddenly.. wen normally i dont care who reads this, what anyone thinks about this or my life or wat i do or watevre...!!!
anyway, where was i???? nevrmind...
i m in exceptionally high spirits... all these good things.. AND the weather z all nice and cold.. AND the result z not out yet to dampen the spirits AND the college z starting so we all will be free during Christmas AND itx new year n christmas!!! what else could make me happy??? hehehehhee.. said already..  umm..
sherry left her pawprints on my lappy today..i was sleeping, she came in wit mum n was alll over my lappy n my mum stood there watching!!! i mean where does that strictness go wen sherry z doin things to our things(mine n nehaz)???
dadz back!!
n he dint give me an ego boost,... :(
(maybe he thot m already floating  so much up in the air that he settled on trying to make me nervous my asking me about results/exams/where ill be placed/what if they throw me out during training/ and so on... u get the gist..) all his congratulations were on the phone..

but even he cant spoil my mood... hehehe..i soooo wanna go out and celebrate but no1 z here now... soon.... soon.. therez xmas n new year baby!!!

neway i thot i wud post about " neha n d monkeys in the ooty trip"
but i ended up writing complete rubbish thanks to me being high-in-an-all-almost-drunken-way-tho-im-not!!
so i will write abt that some other time...ill just have to b in that topic writing mood...i cant write abt nethng if i dont feel like that topic mood.. not that i m ever going to be in neha and the monkeys mood... but u get wat i mean rt??
so i read ths buk, louise rennison's georgia nicolson book,  "then he ate my boy entrancers".. at first i thot i'm reading something from a diffrent world but then it turned out u just had to get used to the way georgie talks.. and this was like the 6th book in series...!! duh me!! i have even watched the first part of the series as a muvie.. angus, snogging sumthng sumtng... n i dint realise it! wat kind of a novel-reader movie-watcher am i anyway?? but i never said i have great memorizing power.. v all kno m hopeless wit names and birthdays.. altho i remember faces quite good...
now m gonna read the sisterhood of the travelling pants (pants!! hahaha georgie!!) book1.. think itll b a nice light read.. just wat i need to keep this nice mood going as long as i can... tc! have a nnice day/ night/ twilight/ watever ur having..!! c ya!!