September 17, 2010

A review: Of The First 10 Things That Came To MY MIND!

1) Robert Pattinson: His looks and bod!!!! Ohhhh…!!! And when he smiles and wears black!! Awwohhhhohhohoohhh!!! Even though I never really drooled over any celeb hunks, except maybe John Abraham, Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas, even then I wasn’t madly in love with them like I am with Robert  Pattinson.i just cant control my heart skipping a beat when I look at him. Also he reminds me of someone. So do his vampire-like teeth. I am being…Cheesy, I know… and so very teenage-girl-like, so unlike me, yet I can’t just get over that face!

2) Jesse: from the Mediator short novel series: Spanish 150 yr old ghost, but sexy nevertheless. Also chivalrous, protective, possessive. Blue eyes, hot abs. He calls Susannah “querida”. I am in love with him, and even though I am not so sure about Robert’s abs, (and since I am in love with him too), I could totally imagine Robert Pattinson playing Jesse. I just know…he’ll fit that character so well... (Hey, Even though the mediator series is YA, such light reads are fun too…!)

3) THE TIME TRAVELLER’S WIFE: okay I admit, I cry when I read novels, the sad romantic kind. Even though I was sure I am totally devoid of such feelings in real life, when I read romantic books and the girl and the guy get separated, I cry. This novel made me cry even more than Erich Segal’s LOVE STORY. Must read.

4) Rajniti: I dunno what people liked in this movie!! Most of the twists were expected. Katrina wasn’t looking her usual cute self… so what was in this movie????(I never really liked Ranbir).

5) Friendship day 2010: I never thought back when we were in 2nd year that our class would come so far. But we have. Around 40people, in the evening made a split second plan to spend friendship day together. Made all the arrangements without any assistance in the night. And voila! Next morning we were off …. Loved this day!!! Had so much fun!!! My fav. Part: dedication of songs for everyone. Having a late night dinner (which was way too costly) in ‘Macchan’. Came home at 1 a.m. really sleepy and tired.

6) EXTC’s BUNKS: Which have become very famous. Again another example of the unity that our class has acquired over the years. Not so much bunks now, but a month back, everyone was so annoyed that we got to bunk so much!!!

7) Manisha Sharma’s Birthday Treat: Some 15 people I enjoy being with, lots of jokes and humor flying around, loud laughter ;) exceptionally good food (even with Gulshan’s standards.), happy and relaxed end of the day.

8) Lady Gaga’s “just dance” and Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl”: I abso-lutely LOVE both these numbers. They are catchy, have feel-good music, perfect for d dance floor, and I soo like the lyrics (I’v had a lil bit too much…lost my phone..cant find my keys oh man…what’s the name of this club…I cant remember but its alright...aa..alright.. just dance! )(I kissed a girl, I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick;I kissed a girl just to try it, hope my boyfriend don’t mind it..) !! What else do we need, oh yeah, great video…. I just don’t get bored of this song… ditto wit paparazzi and poker face..!

9) Fight with Vishal: Out of all my cousins, he is my favorite brother and he isn’t talking to me! And I dunno whose fault it was..!! Not being on talking terms with him sucks!! And I miss talking to him!!

10) Asmita’s birthday gift and later her treat: This crazy woman kept on suggesting gifts to give her on her birthday and not normal things, gifts which were impossible for us to buy or which were not available…. We finally got her something, which she wanted, and I can’t really disclose what it was..! And before we could gift it to her, she came to know about it and kept laughing over the fact that we had actually got it for her. I could have murdered her, I swear!

And then we ate a REALLY costly snack for her treat, just us 5girls. Vegetarian! Hahaha that was fun!! AND it had been a long time since just us, four friends had been together, relaxed, had fun, and that day offered us what we needed..

Okay, that’s more than 10, but huh, who cares?? My cousin VINITA got married...It felt like she was going away. Anyways she always was busy in her work and all, and now, she would be present in our get-togethers even less!! Or maybe not.
Well she did move away, towards a happy married life! Wishing her all the good luck and happiness she deserves!

12) I guess that’s the end of my list.

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